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The year was 1988 and I was a sophomore in high school.  At that time, I was well under 6-feet in height and really admired the shorter guys in the NBA that possessed phenomenal vertical leaping ability such as Spud Webb and Muggsy Bogues.  So I began taking, what I felt like, were practical steps to achieve my goal to getting above the rim.  I figured if I built my legs up, I would become among apart of the high-risers club, compete around the rim, and maybe even go out for the high school basketball team.  I will never forget when my plan began to work.  In what seemed like no time at all, I went from swiping the nets to touching the protective pad and backboard off of two-feet.  From about 10-feet out, I was able to take a running jump off one-foot – slap the backboard, touch the bottom orange plate at the bottom of the rim, or at times graze the rim!

My dreams of dunking a basketball or pinning a blocked shot on the backboard soon came to a slow halt.  One afternoon, I went to the gym instead of study hall.  Almost identical to photo above, I began my routine hack-squat workout by warming up with 135 lbs, 3 sets of 10, and work my way up to my maximum of 435 lbs.  It was a little dim in the room that housed the hack-squat machine that day and little did I know that someone was watching me in the shadows.  This person emerged from the darkness.  I remember being somewhat startled as the upperclassman began to chuckle with laughter.  I recognized who it was.  This person and I had a lot in common.  Both of our families shared the same occupation which was masonry.  Our two families were actually the top 2 competitors in the market area; our last names were synonymous with masonry in our town.  He asked, “Do you mind if I get in here with ya?”.  Sure, I said.  The workout became a competition.  No knee straps, no workout belts, just raw technique and God given strength.  The workout had progressed to my maximum, 435 lbs.  He pressed the weight after me and slapped on two more 45 lb plates.  We kept going. He was winning on points.  I had learned from peers and mentors that when pressing heavy weight, only go 1-5 reps; 3 to 5 reps; 1 to 3 reps; 1 rep or stop.  The weight was so heavy to me that I had begun utilizing this method.  My competitor was to, but he was able to go 7 reps before regressing his reps.  I stuck to my plan and kept hanging in.  Pretty soon I asked, “How much is on here?”  We counted and it was 750 lb.  My legs were beginning to feel numb.  I said, “You first.”  He went and strained out 3 reps.  I didn’t even think I would be able to lift the weight off of the release bar, but I did.  I strained out only 1 rep.  It was at that point that I stopped.  The senior upper classmate tried to get me to continue, but I refused.  My legs were spent, wobbled out of the weight room, and made my way to study hall before the last bell.  About two weeks later, I was on the orthopedic surgeon’s table having my right hip pinned.  The doctor had discovered that I had injured my hip and diagnosed the injury as what is called a slipped epiphysis .

I recovered, but my pursuit of organized sports was over.  Although, I was still competitive, my body just wasn’t the same.  Now that I am older, I have considered hip replacement.  It’s an inevitable reality and there have a number of athletes with an injury similar to mine.  Much like myself, their sports careers ended shortly thereafter surgery.



In the meantime, I have developed a therapeutic regimen consisting of stretching, resistance training, diet, and exercise.  I came across this product the other day and got excited.  A compression brace for the hip!

Check out this video about the BODYMATE Compresson brace for the hip!


As for the athlete that has yet to face in career ending injury, God Bless you and keep you!  I have some sound advice for you in closing.  Take advantage of opportunities to take your game to the next level.  One of those being the “The Jump Manual” by Jacob Hiller.  This system has proven to increase your vertical leaping ability significantly!  Here’s the information on how you can increase your vertical in only 2 weeks!!!



The Male Diabetes Solution

Although the #1 leading cause of death in the US is heart disease, there is another disease in the top 10 that is having a massive impact on the cause of death among American males, diabetes.  According the World Health Organization, “The number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.”  If you suffer from Type-2 diabetes, more than likely your testosterone levels are low as well.  Over 35% of men over the age of 45 or older have low testosterone.

Health & Diet + Glucose Monitoring



The current rule of thumb that I learned from a healthcare professional is to check your blood glucose levels 2 hours after eating.  Other preventive information that I have learned is that “anything white – ain’t right”.  So that means to steer from consuming white rice, white bread, and white sugar just to name a few.

Some people don’t even know that they have diabetes.  You still be active and if you recognize that any of these symptoms become apparent in your life, please consult your family physician and get checked out as you may have Type-2 diabetes or is developing:

  • Unwanted fat gain
  • Feeling worn out
  • Weak libido

These are all signs of low levels of an essential hormone found in men, testosterone.  The good news is that these symptoms are all reversible!  As a result, the reciprocal outcome the former negative outcomes are the following positive outcomes of possessing high levels of testosterone.

  • Ability to prevent disease or cancer
  • Cognitive function
  • Normal glucose regulation and insulin sensitivity
  • How long you live
  • Your sexual performance and libido
  • Your ability to resist fat gain and replace flab with muscle

Doctors have zero time to catch up on new research and certain drugs like Metformin can cause a loss of masculinity. Many people are mean well but misinformed on a massive scale. In addition, some of the most popular diets can lower your testosterone up to &/or over 70%! Now is time to take action before its too late! Get your Male Diabetes Solution today!




My Wife Loves Her Fitness Tracker!

trackerMy wife’s job consists of her walking a lot.  She works in a nursing home and has a number of responsibilities which calls for her to be on her feet for long periods of time and cover a vast ranges of distances as she aides one patient after the other over and over all day long.  Although she loves her job, she also has admitted how hard the work is.



One day she asked me to buy her a fitness tracker so that she could keep up with her steps and monitor her fitness.  I was pleasantly surprised. My wife and I are what some would consider middle aged and are shadows of the athletes that we both once were.  On contrary, I got what I prayed for… A strong woman.  My wife could arguably be ‘Wonder Woman’s’ third cousin.  The woman is literally the Ying to my Yang!  So I bought her a fitness tracker just like the one shown above.  When the product arrived in the mail, it was super easy to set up!  When we got ours, we really didn’t have to charge the device, but I did and it charges by way of USB connection.

My wife loves her LETSCOM Fitness Tracker fitness band!  They come in a variety of colors.  My wife just so happens to love the color pink, so I got her a pink one.  When it comes to one’s overall well-being, it is important to recognize health and fitness as a integral part of one’s lifestyle.  Sometimes one has to humble themselves to baby steps.  Some of us can’t run marathons anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop being active.

Tip & Trick

When it comes to charging the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker fitness band, it comes apart and requires a USB connection for charging.  You can easily plug this device into the USB connection located on your personal computer.

Do You Suffer From Back and Joint Pain?


After a long day at work and an equally long commute home, I came home to discover that my inversion table got delivered.  Yay!!!  When I went to grab it, I noticed it had some weight to it…  As I overlooked the box, I noticed a sticker that stated, “Team Lift”.  I was the only one home…  No wife, no kids, and no note as to where they had gone to.  However, I knew they wouldn’t be long because somebody neglected to turn the TV off before leaving the house.  Anyways, I thought to myself, “I’m the only team I’ve got!  You got this.  Just take your time”, so I methodically engineered the box down a flight of steps to the basement of our house and began to carefully unbox the items thankfully and without getting injured.  However, I did manage to pinch some skin in between my thumb and my index finger while bracing to components together before securing a screw (ouch).  Nothing that a couple of alcohol prep pads and band aid didn’t take care of.  As mentioned earlier, excuse the mess.  My wife has things boxed up all over the place!  Anyways, I unboxed my brand new Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table, grabbed the instruction manual, put it together, and here’s the finished product! I don’t know what the assembly record time of putting something like this together, but I was mechanically inclined enough to get the job done about 1hr 45mins.

Please Excuse the Mess…


As soon as the boys saw it, they were amazed and were eager to try it out.  I highly recommend adult supervision whenever children use your inversion table.  Like I told my kids, “This is not a toy!”  I used my Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table for, literally, 5 minutes when I got up to get ready for work this morning – just to say I have actually used it.  Believe it or not, I felt a difference in just that short amount of time!  I don’t know about you, but I’m not a spring chicken anymore!  My joints are inflamed, and through x-rays, doctors have informed me that there are signs of obvious signs of arthritis throughout my bone structure.  Allow me to briefly explain how I confident that I feel that I made a good investment with the purchase of this device.  Today, I was on my to work as usual and noticed a tractor trailer with a blowout on one of his trailer tires and the wheel hub was shooting sparks!  I motioned to the driver and he pulled over.  I shocked that he heeded to my command.  Nonetheless and as he was pulling over to the shoulder of the road, I pulled over ahead of him.  I jogged up to his truck.  Folks, I haven’t jogged in years!  The only time I run is when I’m running after one of my kids, lol…!!!! In all seriousness, it hurts when I run, but I jogged up to his truck and explained the situation. Then, I ran to the back of his trailer, bent over, and showed him the damage.  He was surprised, but grateful as he outstretched his hand in a gesture of thanks.  We shook hands and I sprinted back to my car to finish my commute.  Can you see the progression here?  I went from walking, jogging, running, and then to sprinting with a lot less pain than I have in a long time!!!  That’s because my Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table aides in the decompression of your joints, primarily the discs located within the spinal column.  Folks, I can’t wait to start a daily regiment of 10-20 minute intervals at 20-30 degrees and increase the angle once I become used to being inverted!!!  Thanks for taking the time engage in this read and have a great day!

In Search of A Great Pillow?

I Just Love a Cozy Pillow!



Normally, I just buy my pillows from one of the big box stores, but I decided to try something different this time around.  I ran across this pillow product online.  These guys at Pillowcubes offer an ultra-cozy pillow! Their pillow insert includes measures around 27 x 36 inches in dimension.

Folks, this pillow is SUPER SOFT!!! You lay on this pillow, so comfortable, and just wanna take a quick nap! As illustrated about, the pillows come in various shapes and sizes vary.  Although the pillow is high-end, it’s definitely worth it!  I like to keep things simple, so I went with the Eco-Friendly Pillow Form.  Check out the links below for video proof and how you can order yours today!



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