After a long day at work and an equally long commute home, I came home to discover that my inversion table got delivered.  Yay!!!  When I went to grab it, I noticed it had some weight to it…  As I overlooked the box, I noticed a sticker that stated, “Team Lift”.  I was the only one home…  No wife, no kids, and no note as to where they had gone to.  However, I knew they wouldn’t be long because somebody neglected to turn the TV off before leaving the house.  Anyways, I thought to myself, “I’m the only team I’ve got!  You got this.  Just take your time”, so I methodically engineered the box down a flight of steps to the basement of our house and began to carefully unbox the items thankfully and without getting injured.  However, I did manage to pinch some skin in between my thumb and my index finger while bracing to components together before securing a screw (ouch).  Nothing that a couple of alcohol prep pads and band aid didn’t take care of.  As mentioned earlier, excuse the mess.  My wife has things boxed up all over the place!  Anyways, I unboxed my brand new Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table, grabbed the instruction manual, put it together, and here’s the finished product! I don’t know what the assembly record time of putting something like this together, but I was mechanically inclined enough to get the job done about 1hr 45mins.

Please Excuse the Mess…


As soon as the boys saw it, they were amazed and were eager to try it out.  I highly recommend adult supervision whenever children use your inversion table.  Like I told my kids, “This is not a toy!”  I used my Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table for, literally, 5 minutes when I got up to get ready for work this morning – just to say I have actually used it.  Believe it or not, I felt a difference in just that short amount of time!  I don’t know about you, but I’m not a spring chicken anymore!  My joints are inflamed, and through x-rays, doctors have informed me that there are signs of obvious signs of arthritis throughout my bone structure.  Allow me to briefly explain how I confident that I feel that I made a good investment with the purchase of this device.  Today, I was on my to work as usual and noticed a tractor trailer with a blowout on one of his trailer tires and the wheel hub was shooting sparks!  I motioned to the driver and he pulled over.  I shocked that he heeded to my command.  Nonetheless and as he was pulling over to the shoulder of the road, I pulled over ahead of him.  I jogged up to his truck.  Folks, I haven’t jogged in years!  The only time I run is when I’m running after one of my kids, lol…!!!! In all seriousness, it hurts when I run, but I jogged up to his truck and explained the situation. Then, I ran to the back of his trailer, bent over, and showed him the damage.  He was surprised, but grateful as he outstretched his hand in a gesture of thanks.  We shook hands and I sprinted back to my car to finish my commute.  Can you see the progression here?  I went from walking, jogging, running, and then to sprinting with a lot less pain than I have in a long time!!!  That’s because my Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table aides in the decompression of your joints, primarily the discs located within the spinal column.  Folks, I can’t wait to start a daily regiment of 10-20 minute intervals at 20-30 degrees and increase the angle once I become used to being inverted!!!  Thanks for taking the time engage in this read and have a great day!